Christ-Centered Learning From Primary to Secondary School


Candlelight’s K-5 students are taught the importance of self-accountability and responsibility at all grade levels. These eager and exciting students are an intricate part of our school, providing us with plenty of enthusiasm.

Both classroom settings provide students with the opportunity for individualized learning to capitalize on students’ strengths in addition to focusing on the students’ weaknesses. Students are able to learn in a comfortable setting and by methods that best suit their learning style.

Our teachers work hard to establish effective means of communication with families, for this is an essential component in each child’s success. Teachers also offer additional study sessions for students that need help in any area.

Middle School

Candlelight's 6–8 students have an opportunity not only to work hard on academics but also to explore other areas of interest through our elective offerings. It is our belief that children need to grow in all areas as outlined in Luke 2:52; academically, physically, socially, and spiritually. Students are engaged in field trips, guest speakers, and other projects that help them really explore what career path they might wish to take in the near future.

Students in Middle School

Students in Middle School have physical education each day in order to help them continue to develop themselves physically. This also allows students the opportunity to continue to develop team-building skills. They learn a variety of games as well as participate in the president’s physical fitness program. Competitive and intramural sports are also offered at this age (volleyball, basketball, flag football, swimming, tennis, and golf).

As our students continue to grow, we also provide them with opportunities to help younger students and others in our community. It is our goal at Candlelight to have the students become productive and helpful members of their community. We believe that by exposing them to various business members of our town through field trips and guest speakers, they can gain an understanding of the workings of our community and their place in it.

We Provide Opportunities for Our Students

Finally, but most importantly, we provide opportunities for our students to better understand their relationship with God and how to develop that so they can become the men and women God would have them to be. We have devotions school-wide each Monday and a chapel service each Tuesday where students are able to take an active role in leading worship. Teachers also have devotions and prayer in the classroom on a daily basis.

We believe that by teaching the students to include God in every aspect of their lives we are honoring God as well as preparing servant leaders for our community.

Our classes are small and specifically designed to enhance learning for the individual child through one on one instruction with the teacher and or tutor, project-based learning opportunities, and an honors component for the children that need an extra challenge.

Our middle school children must meet the same standards as outlined in the department of education criteria including:

  • Three middle grades or higher* courses in English language arts.
  • Three middle grades or higher* courses in mathematics.
  • Three middle grades or higher* courses in science.
  • Three middle grades or higher* courses in social studies. One of these social studies courses must be Civics.
  • Career and educational planning
  • Electives—these include weekly community service projects, music, Bible, etc.
  • Physical Education

High School

Candlelight’s high school students are in continual preparations for their next step in life. In our efforts to make sure each student achieves their highest potential, we work individually with each student preparing them for success and readiness through careful planning. Candlelight offers a number of online courses through Florida Virtual Schools. Our school has partnered with Polk State College to offer Dual Enrollment courses for students as well.

Students Receive a Rigorous Schedule of Courses

Students receive a rigorous schedule of courses each year that seeks to challenge and enhance their knowledge and application abilities in each academic area. It is important that our students not only graduate mastering the standards of the state but we also want our students equipped to further the Kingdom of Heaven. We emphasize that students at the high school level are positive, active leaders to their high school peers as well as to the younger students at Candlelight. These students can enjoy opportunities of mentoring and tutoring other students.

High School Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 24 credits, completed over 4 years are required for graduating while maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

  • English – 4 credits
  • Mathematics – 4 credits, one of which must be Algebra 1 and one of which must be Geometry.
  • Science – 3 credits, one of which must be Biology 1, two of which must be equally rigorous science, and two of which must have a laboratory component.
  • Social Studies – 3 credits; 1 credit World History, 1 credit U.S. History, 0.5 credit U.S. Government, and 0.5 credit Economics with Financial Literacy.
  • Fine / Performing Arts – 1 credit in Fine or Performing Arts, Speech and Debate, or specified Practical Arts
  • Physical Education – 1 credit in Physical Education to include the integration of Health.
  • Elective – 8 credits
  • 1 Online course within the 24 credits
  • World Language – Not required for high school graduation, but required for admission into state universities and qualifying for Florida Bright Futures scholarships.
  • Assessment – Scores on the ACT of 18 in Reading, 15 in Math or scores on the SAT of 420 in Reading, and 340 in Mathematics.

“While there are rules on the minimum number and type of credits required for a standard diploma, there are also specific requirements for scholarships and college admission that must be met” (FLDOE).