Instilling Faith and A Love of Learning

Honing Young Minds Through Christian Education

Instilling Faith and A Love of Learning

Honing Young Minds Through Christian Education

Teaching Steadfast Excellence And Godly Values to the Youth

Located in Lake Wales, Florida, Candlelight Christian Academy is a private K–12 academic institution committed to providing children with quality and Christ-centered education. Our faculty and personnel foster a holistic learning environment where students can grow academically, physically, socially, and spiritually.


What We Do

Candlelight Christian Academy always strives to help the youth maximize their potential and strengthen their faith in God. To achieve these goals, we adhere to the state and national education standards while using the following methods:

  • 1 We teach our children to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, and responsible members of the community.
  • 2 We offer project-based learning opportunities where children are engaged in projects of interest that help them build a strong connection between the skills and strategies taught in the classroom and the real world.
  • 3 We make students at Candlelight participate in age-appropriate Bible courses, which allow them to learn and grow in their faith in Christ.

Individualized Learning

We believe that every child goes through their own self-development journey. With this in mind, we provide our students with personalized learning programs that are designed according to their unique strengths. We have sports courses in volleyball, basketball, and flag football for the athletic youth. We also offer a variety of creatives and performance classes that include art, drama, and music.

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