Student Dress Code and Uniform Policy

All students of Candlelight Christian Academy are required to wear uniforms. The responsibility for assuring students are in the proper dress ultimately lies with the parents and individual student.  Students must follow the dress code to attend classes and participate in school events. Students are expected and should be in uniform when they arrive on campus, and their overall appearance should be neat, clean, well-groomed, and modest. Extremes in dress or grooming won’t be tolerated, whether they are specifically listed or not. Candlelight Christian Academy reserves the right to use discretion with regard to appropriate dress.

A few Specifics:

Clothes should fit and undergarments concealed at all times.

No clothing that is too tight-fitting is permitted.

No bare midriffs or revealing tops should be worn.

* Hats are not to be worn.




Shorts and Pants:





Cold Weather: