Middle School Parent Information

Hello Parents of perspective Middle Schoolers!

Congratulations on entering a new phase of your child’s educational career.  Candlelight Christian Academy would like to take some time to share with you some exciting things that are happening for our Middle School Students.  In true Candlelight fashion, we constantly strive to make the best learning environment for your child.  It is our belief that children need to grow in all areas as outlined in Luke 2:52; academically, physically, socially, and spiritually.  With that in mind, please allow us to share with you the exciting opportunities that await your child at Candlelight Christian Academy!

Our classes are small and specifically designed to enhance learning for the individual child through one on one instruction with the teacher and or tutor, project based learning opportunities and an honors component for the children that need an extra challenge.  Our middle school children must meet the same standards as outlined in the department of education criteria including:

Middle School Students at Candlelight have an opportunity not only to work hard on academics but also to explore other areas of interest through our elective offerings.  Our students are engaged in field trips, guest speakers and other projects that help them really explore what career path they might wish to take in the near future.

Students in the Middle School have physical education each day in order to help them continue to develop themselves physically.  This also allows students the opportunity to continue to develop team building skills. They learn a variety of games as well as participate in the president’s physical fitness program.  Competitive and intramural sports are also offered at this age (volleyball, basketball, flag football, swimming, tennis and golf).

As our students continue to grow, we also provide them with opportunities to help younger students and others in our community.  It is our goal at Candlelight to have the students become productive and helpful members of their community.  We believe that by exposing them to various business members of our town through field trips and guest speakers, they can gain an understanding of the workings of our community and their place in it.

Finally, but most importantly, we provide opportunities for our students to better understand their relationship with God and how to develop that so they can become the men and women God would have them to be.  We have devotions school wide each Monday and a chapel service each Tuesday where students are able to take an active role in leading worship.  Teachers also have devotions and prayer in the classroom on a daily basis. We believe that by teaching the students to include God in every aspect of their lives we are honoring God as well as preparing servant leaders for our community.

As you consider the options for your middle school child, please feel free to contact our school office to set up an appointment to discuss how Candlelight Christian Academy can meet your needs or look us up on line at: www.candlelight christianacademy.com

May God Bless you and your family,

Candlelight Christian Academy