High School

Candlelight’s high school students are in continual preparations for their next step in life. In our efforts to make sure each student achieves their highest potential, we work individually with each student preparing them for success and readiness through careful planning.

Candlelight offers a number of online courses through Florida Virtual Schools. Our school has partnered with Polk State College to offer Dual Enrollment courses for students as well.

Students receive a rigorous schedule of courses each year which seeks to challenge and enhance their knowledge and application abilities in each academic area.

It is important that our students not only graduate mastering the standards of the state but we also want our students equipped to further the Kingdom of Heaven.

Students at the high school level are also positive, active leaders to their peers and younger students at Candlelight. Students enjoy opportunities of mentoring and tutoring other students.

Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 24 credits, completed over 4 years are required for graduating while maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

“While there are rules on the minimum number and type of credits required for a standard diploma, there are also specific requirements for scholarships and college admission that must be met” (FLDOE). Please see Links for Seniors for more information.