Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of school is Candlelight Christian Academy?

Candlelight Christian Academy is a place where students can learn and grow academically and spiritually. Both teachers and staff members pour their knowledge of academia and wisdom of God’s word into our students each day.

Our students are challenged to achieve both state and national standards through project-based learning and specialized methods which benefit each student’s learning needs.

What students should attend Candlelight?

Any student that wants to be in an environment where they are held accountable for their actions and want to learn in a Christian atmosphere are welcome to attend Candlelight.

Students that are eager to succeed and willing to put forth the effort to obtain their full potential should attend Candlelight.

Students that are looking for more than just an education, but a purpose in life. Candlelight helps students realize their fullest potential and facilitates their growth to be positive contributing members to the world.

Why do parents send their students to Candlelight?

Because they want their student to learn in Christian environment.

Parents also seek a caring and nurturing environment for their students.

Parents send their students to Candlelight because they want their student to be met at their individual academic level, yet challenged and encouraged to meet all set academic and social expectations.

Because they want their student to have the opportunity to have a positive influence on others.

What about Candlelight is different from other schools?

Candlelight treats students as individuals. Being an overall smaller environment, teachers have the capability to provide more individualized attention to students.

How do teachers keep in contact with parents about their student’s progress?

Candlelight uses all means necessary to communicate with parents the progress of their students. These means include, parent-teacher conferences, agendas, take home folders, phone calls, letters home, and email. Whatever works to keep the lines of communication open we want to do that.